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Microsoft’s Big Step Toward AI: ChatGPT Integration In Microsoft Services

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Microsoft has been working with OpenAI, an AI-developing company, for the past few years. The billion-dollar investments in AI are starting to give results in favor of Microsoft. 

The company has already announced the integration of the AI software ChatGPT into its Bing in the upcoming March. Now rumors suggest they are playing with the idea of AI integration to Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

ChatGPT integration with Microsoft services is a revival for the company. The company has big competition with Google. They provide similar services dividing the funnel of customers. Both companies provide equal value disturbing the Microsoft customer base.

Microsoft has now put it one step ahead by integrating AI into its services. Google is still working on the idea, providing Microsoft the edge. The ChatGTP integration attracts old and new customers, reviving the Microsoft user base.

What Will Change?

ChatGPT is a language AI that can imitate human answers to human queries. OpenAI developed the program using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). The program can answer long and elaborate answers to short questions with a human touch. 

Integrating ChatGPT with Microsoft 365 word, PowerPoint, and Outlook will improve work efficiency. A person can use the feature to write elaborated content with minimal effort in describing the intent. 

Users can apply AI to find key points from a document, summarize documents, and save time. The AI will increase writing efficiency and the time required to prepare a document. 

As the program learns from a global audience, it will be willing to suggest improvements or produce content. There can be endless use of the technology, it’s better to discuss more when the actual program comes out.

How Will It Affect You?

The explicit technology is so vibrant that the general public can utilize it for various purposes. The integration will change the search engine working forever. The results will be more accurate and documented. You will get exact written results unlike links, blogs, and vlogs results nowadays.

When To Expect The Change?

It’s not far now, but it will still take time. ChatGPT has upgraded to 4.0 yet still has issues related to language and 404s. With every update, technology is coming one step closer. The March Microsoft 365 update will govern the future of AI integration to search engines and connecting technologies.

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